Welcome to Aristocat Luxury Cat Hotel Sheffield | Chesterfield

You can call us on 07775 926495 between 9:00 & 18:00 – 7 Days a Week

Aristocat Luxury Cat Hotel is a boutique luxury cattery and offers 5* accommodation with immaculate and spacious rooms all with heated pads and windows overlooking our own meadows. The cattery has a tranquil and quiet atmosphere, each individual room has an en-suite outdoor run with a climbing frame – our guests can saunter out during the day to enjoy a spot of birdwatching or just to look out over the fields.

We are 5 Star Rated by Chesterfield Borough Council licencing team, the highest rating possible.

Cattery Sheffield and Chesterfield
Cattery Sheffield and Chesterfield
Aristocat Luxury Cat Hotel

Comfy and warm – every room has a cosy ‘den’ and you are welcome to bring your cat’s own duvet, basket, toys or cushions. Their own belongings help our guests to settle. Don’t worry if you forget as we have plenty of fleeces and cuddle blankets always on hand. Comfort is essential when cats come to stay! There’s a heated pad in every den and it’s lovely and warm – cats love them. The windows are popular – cats enjoy a ‘room with a view’ and to sit and see what’s going on outside. Flowers, pictures, mirrors and soft music all create a relaxing and ‘home from home’ atmosphere.

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Cattery Sheffield and Chesterfield

Spacious accommodation – there’s plenty of room for our guests to play, eat, sleep and they do love to explore. Timid cats can find a cosy corner. We always have cardboard boxes available if liked – perfect for quiet times or to ‘snug up’ in. The youngsters love them for games of hide and seek.

Varied menu – When we’re away from home food is very important and that goes for our feline friends too. We like to know what your cat likes – and dislikes – is it gravy and meat? Or jelly and fish? A few prawns? Crabsticks maybe? Chicken cut up very fine? Minced turkey? Sardines? Pouches?

Pate? Perles? Cat milk – or goat’s milk? Decisions, decisions. A stoneware or stainless steel dish of freshwater is available all the time and water is changed twice daily. For cats who prefer it, mineral water is available on request.

Biscuits ad-lib – we provide all kinds of biscuits and the dishes are either changed, topped up or refreshed daily (excepting for the girlcats and boycats on a diet – just let us know). We also stock feline growth for the babycats, senior biscuits and pouches for the old stagers and special ‘lite-diet’ slimmers meals for those watching their weight. Our biscuits of choice are – Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, Iams and Burns – we have all the other High Street brands too.

Cattery Sheffield and Chesterfield
Cattery Sheffield and Chesterfield
Cattery Sheffield and Chesterfield

We like a curriculum vitae – telling us about the routine at home. We feed to appetite, small meals and often or just as much as your feline friend will eat at one sitting. A C.V. is much appreciated, telling us about feeding, medical history etc. A personality profile is also good – does your cat like to be picked up? Have his tummy tickled? Be wrapped up at bedtime? Is he a deep thinker? A conversationalist? Or even if he’s a loner and likes to do things in his own time.

Grooming – All our guests are brushed daily – if liked! Please bring your cat’s own brush and a little bag of luggage is welcome too. Toys, bed, even the scratch post is fine to bring. You can leave your cat basket here in your cat’s room unless you’d prefer to take it home with you. If your cat doesn’t particularly like the pet carrier, don’t worry, we have alternative storage. Sometimes the memory of going to the vets is just too much!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your cats needs, just give us a call on 01246 456781 or Mobile 07775 926495